Real Wood Blinds Window Treatments in Memphis, TN

eal wood blinds are warm, natural and inviting, a classic combination that can make a room feel instantly more comfortable as well as more functional. Real Wood window blinds do their job without looking utilitarian, and easily complement many different styles of furniture and a wide range of colors. The #1 appeal is, of course, the natural look and feel that makes a room feel warm and comfortable. Functionally, wooden window blinds and wood venetian blinds offer good light control, better insulation than aluminum blinds, are made of a renewable material and are durable.
Door With White Blinds — Shutters & Blind for Window Treatment in Memphis, TN
Living Room With Brown Wood Blinds — Shutters & Blind for Window Treatment in Memphis, TN
White Rooms With White Blinds— Shutters & Blind for Window Treatment in Memphis, TN
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Why You’ll Enjoy Real Wood Blinds:
  • Available in a variety of colors, styles, stains and finishes. Wooden blinds can also be custom color-matched to your existing wood trim and furnishings, a feature we offer on our wood shutters as well.
  • Wooden blinds come in 1" to 2 ½” slat sizes to custom fit a variety of windows throughout your house.
  • In their closed position, they are energy-saving window treatments, blocking UV rays and reducing solar heat gain.
  • Decorative cloth tapes are recommended for adding an extra special touch. We also offer decorative cornice boxes to take your interior design to the next level.
  • We offer a variety of valance options including standard, traditional, decorative and contemporary styles.
  • Made of 100% North American hardwoods from certified and domestic forests; these eco-friendly blinds make living areas feel warm and inviting while helping preserve the environment.
Facts On Real Wood Blinds
Hardwood is durable and lightweight (great for large windows), and less expensive than you might think. For homes with a mix of window types and sizes, custom wood blinds ‘flow together’ quite well, due to the instantly recognizable natural feel and look of wood, even if different slat sizes are used. Most real wood blinds are made from North American hardwoods, many using sustainable forestry techniques. When a particular window has conditions that are not suitable for wood (like a humid bathroom), consider faux wood blinds. Add style and sophistication to any room in your home with wood window treatments, available in an assortment of stains to complement your home’s decor.
Real Wood Blinds
in 2-3 Weeks
Real Wood Blinds Styles
The style that a wood blind contributes to your home is driven by several elements: the color of the slats, slat size, valance, routeless slat design, cord versus tape support, and of course, your room! Generally, your primary considerations are color and slat size. The complete set of options varies but is explained below

Finishes :

available in a variety of finishes, from stains and paints to sandblasted and rustic

Colors :

available in a wide variety of both paints and styles

Slat Sizes:

Wood blinds with smaller slat sizes (wood mini blinds) are typically for French doors and smaller windows, whereas blinds with 2? wooden slats are perfect for most windows of any size and shape. Wooden blinds with slat sizes larger than two inches are recommended for greater outward visibility or view-through

Valances :

the styled top portion that covers the headrail (operating mechanism) as a finishing touch; several options available in matching colors and materials

Motorized :

available with motorization and remote control. Motorized wood window blinds are known as motorized tilt, which open and closes the slats

Routeless Wooden Slats:

also known as privacy wood window blinds are slats that do not have the notches for the cords; this helps make a room darker when closed instead of having dozens of small light holes

Cords Vs Cloth Tapes:

if you prefer, you can choose optional cloth tapes as an upgrade to standard support cords. Cloth tapes are a stylish finishing touch that allows the addition of an accent color or design
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